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United States

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I am a developer who is passionate about creating amazing social communities.

My goal is to combine professional code, superior design, and user-friendly admin interface in each product. With more than then years of experience and about 20 products behind me, I am full of ideas and energy for new projects, and I know how to surprise you.


San Jose

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I am a happy-go-lucky guy from California.

Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies

I love to ride my motorcycle to work. I also enjoy swimming and working out. I like reading design magazines, go to museums, and binge-watching a good TV show while it’s raining outside.

Favourite Music Bands / Artists

I enjoy most genres of music. However, my favorite music genres are alternative and electronica. Some of my favorite bands are Radiohead, System of a Down, Rage Against The Machine, The Shins, and Foster the People.

Favourite TV Shows

The Mandalorian, Band of Brothers, Black Mirror, The Punisher, Game of Thrones, The Pacific, and Stranger Things.

Favourite Books

AKIRA, One Punch, The Catcher and the Rye, and Of Mice And Men.

Favourite Movies

AKIRA, Saving Private Ryan, The Matrix, Mad Max: Fury Road, Looper, Train to Busan, Snowpiercer, Joker, Edge of Tomorrow, Arrival, Get Out, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Annihilation, and Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Other Interests

Swimming, Surfing, Scuba Diving, Anime, Photography, Tattoos, and Street Art.

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Bachelor of Interactive Design in the New College. It was a five years intensive career. Average: A+

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UI/UX Designer for the “Daydreams” agency.

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Nelson Eguizabal


I am the creator of Geekgasm.

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