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To request member access to the site, you will first need an account. We have disabled account registrations during the beta phase. All users who wish to access Geekgasm need to request beta access. Use the contact form below to request access to Geekgasm. Please make sure to select the “Beta Tester” option as the “Inquiry Subject.”

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Want to try Geekgasm? We are currently seeking a few users to work with us to help us get this site ready for the masses. Are you up to the task?

Beta Tester Requirements. We ask that you report any bugs, typos, or errors. Your feedback is valuable and will help us shape the future of Geekgasm!

Beta Tester Benefits. Participates will receive free access to our beta product, product help, and product tutorials. We will provide your user login and membership in our user forums. Best of all, you will have the unique opportunity to help guide the final tweaks of our initial release.

Beta Testers. The Few. Not a Crowd. Please note that space is limited, and unfortunately, we can not accept everyone at this time. For now, we are prioritizing access to Geekgasm to “verified” users and Beta Testers. We will try to accommodate as many as possible but expect some delays in getting back to you.

We are excited about Geekgasm and hope you will be as well. We look forward to hearing from you. Have an excellent rest of the day!