Aside WordPress Post Format

Aside WordPress Post Format

The Aside post format is for brief snippets of text that aren’t quite whole blog posts, such as quick thoughts and anecdotes.

Aside Posts

When you lean towards someone and tell them a little bit of information, you are making an “aside” comment. In blogs, you can do that on your blog by passing on small bits of information to your readers called Asides.

Typically styled without a title. Similar to a Facebook note update.

Also known as remaindered links or “linkblog,” Matt Mullenweg, developer of WordPress, was the first to implement Asides and it soon spread far and wide and became a very popular method of adding little bits of information to your blog.

Something posted as “aside” is a relaxing break from all the work that goes into producing quality, full-length article. Aside posts are often considered the purest form of blogging. They are short snippets that allow you to quickly share thoughts with the world and easily connect readers with compelling content.

Post Formats

Geekgasm allows authors to decide what format each of their posts should have. Post formats add arbitrary value to WordPress posts which define the visual representation of a post. Theme developers can create themes with support for post formats. Many post formats are available; however, it is not possible for themes or plugins to introduce custom post formats. It is not necessary for theme developers to support all post formats.

Our website supports the following WordPress post formats:

  • Standard – The default post format. This article is using the default post format.
  • Aside – A note-like post usually styled without a title.
  • Audio – An audio file.
  • Chat – A chat transcript
  • Gallery – A gallery of images.
  • Image – An image or photograph
  • Link – A link to another site.
  • Quote – A quotation.
  • Status – Twitter-like short status update
  • Video – A post containing video

Learn more about WordPress post formats by visiting for self-hosted sites and for managed sites.

  1. Finding out about the Aside WordPress post format is what prompted me to write this article. Did you already know about it? What’s your favorite WP post format?

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